Creative Writing Skills- Tasks

1) Use up to 25 nouns to create a story…

Car park. Walking. Stop. Lift. Close. Open. Exit. Corridor. Walking. Jacket. Gun. Door. Stop. Smash. Target. Aim. Shoot. Kill.

2) A Dog’s life…

I woke up later than usual, but it was still dark outside.

The warmth of the blanket was colder than it normally was.

He wasn’t there.

He’ll be back soon.

People in green came in the night and carried him away on the waves of light and sound which hurt my senses.

My friends had wet faces when he left so I went over to them and tried to comfort them.

It didn’t help.

I walk around this empty house, looking for him.

Missing him.

Then I hear something outside.

The crunch of gravel grows nearer and nearer until the door twists, turns and then opens.

I run to greet them.

My friends walk in and pat me on the head, but even with their hands stroking my fur I feel as if they’re only with me in body…their eyes glazed…

They feed me and give me something to drink in the kitchen as they sit around the table.

I look up and see them all wearing black.

…And I know he’s never coming back.

3) Nighthawks…

And it all came down to this night. Everything that had happened up to that point would draw to a close in a small diner on the outskirts of Manhattan.

Toni DeMarco had no idea that the woman he had fallen in love with all those months ago was working for us. Love is blind.

DeMarco was a high-ranking captain in the Punchinello family and had alluded us…embarrassed us…

Meadow was a red-haired dame in this city of sin who was on the side of the angels.

Racketeering, prostitution, illegal gambling…you name it and DeMarco had connections to it.

Now in the inner circle, Meadow had proof which she feed back to us on the last day of every month.

We finally had enough to send him behind bars for good. All we needed was a time and a place. The girl had weakened him so much that talk of an engagement whistled through the smoke-filled air.

Phillies was were they first met back in the Spring. Of course, Toni though they were destined to be together…but it was scripted just like any other bad film that ever came out of this city.

”I got something for you Meadow…”

I watched him pull out the ring and hand it to her over a puke-warm cup of coffee. As she held it up close to her eyes that gleamed just as brightly as the diamond, Detective Bucco sat on the other side of the bar with his fingers clutching his holster inside his jacket.

From across the street I saw what Meadow spoke to him…the last thing DeMarco would ever hear, ”I love you.”

And with that, Bucco leapt up from his seat and pulled a gun on him. DeMarco drew on him as well.

Seconds seemed like minutes as they squared-off until a gunshot cracked the silence and smoke filled Phillies…

(From this activity, I rate myself with a 4 out of 5…could improve even more on grammar and my knowledge of this)


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