Assignment One: Radio Script

After deciding upon the format and structure of the radio programme, a script was designed- incorporating research collected and formulated in a manner keeping with similar broadcasts which had an influence on our production.

Inspiration was taken from BBC Radio 5 Live’s structure in how an introduction, news headlines and then enters into the main debate of the programme. For our news headlines, the top stories from the start of June were selected and researched by Adam.

Our show features traditional presenting styles with a professional tone and interactivity between presenters to generate rapport that hopefully flows to the listeners so they feel part of the conversation.

Close collaboration was also needed with Saskia who wrote our show’s proposal. This was integral to attain target audience and what we wished to achieve by producing the show.

As you’ll notice, each person was assigned particular roles to present, and the inclusion of audience participation, that was sourced by ourselves, were included to add authenticity and a sense that the show was recorded live.

Finally, to add a light-hearted feel to the end of the program and appeal further to our young target audience, a modern take on ‘Desert Island Discs‘. These tracks were included again to replicate a radio programme- if this were targeted at an older demographic, this would not have been included, yet it was felt this would break up the political charged dialogue and keep listeners engaged.

The following attachment features the final script that will be used when recording our show. 




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