Proposal For Factual Programme

Pre-Production for Factual Programme


Theme: ‘OUR WORLD’


Making a factual programme surrounding the theme of the world around us has led towards exploring the video game industry and the effects it has on our society; both positively and negatively.

This area has been chosen for varying reasons, some of which include my rather extensive knowledge of the subject from years of consuming gaming products, following news stories and reading content from media journalists. And, looking ahead to the future, may be a possible career option that could open up to me; therefore, doing a project like this will be hugely beneficial if I were to have a position within entertainment journalism.

The aim of this piece is to explore the polar opposites this industry has on our society; from the cultural benefits and how much it has influenced the mainstream media to the magnitude of revenue it generates. As well as looking at the subject on a large scale, that can be taken on a national and international level, individual views will be taken and recorded to see people’s attitudes on gaming from those who do and do not have a relationship in some way to them. Those who do could take the form of computer and gaming design students, average players or those who work in the industry.

The antithesis of those points are on the basis that video games have a direct connection with an increase in violent traits from those playing them and desensitising those from blood and gore that is portrayed. As this generation rests more on technology, there are more reports of people diagnosed with addiction.

Questions raised from producing this feature include how far-reaching the sector has spread to and the financial growth, which is now comparable with Hollywood.

Then we will explore the more serious areas of whether we can say definitively that there is positive correlation between violence and video games with examples of high-profile stories taken from British and American media. There is also the matter of issues such as the representation of female players and the sexualisation of female characters in games that can be analysed.

In terms of addiction, we will research statistics and figures for those affected and try to answer just why more people are getting hooked by this form of media.

Further questions that will have answers provided for them is, overall, are video games a positive or negative influence on society and chart the importance of its place in our culture.

The demographic that will be targeted in this factual programme include players of video games as this subject will directly interest them. On a wider scale, those with political and social affiliations will find issues that will affect them and the intention is for the programme to inform and educate those in matters surrounding the content and themes of video games. Through this, an audience who has no prior understanding of videogames should be able to watch and connect with the piece- if only from a social or economic stand-point.

I feel that this documentary needs to be made so that the industry and its evolution to the point in which in stands today is assessed and to take an objective viewpoint that fairly shows both the positives and negatives that video games bring to our world.



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