November: The Internet & Censorship (Research Log)


November Enrichment

The creation of the internet has defined this generation; enabling the world to be seamlessly connected no matter where we are and all avenues of life somehow filter through the world-wide web- be it communication, banking, security or shopping. But with this freedom, people’s rights to express their opinions are squashed in certain parts of the world and the event in which NSA analyst Edward Snowden leaked classified data showing the extent to which it is collected from its citizens, highlighted an ethical debate that still rages as to how much privacy people are entitled to and the morality to use that information for ‘the greater good’.

In this Enrichment exercise, we will be looking at the topic of The Internet & Censorship.

Normally, we would embark on venturing down certain topics within the main subject, but on this occasion, the main body of what the article will be based upon will be looking at how the Russian government have enforced censorship across the country, whilst also investigating what impact the female punk band Pussy Riot had from its attention thanks mainly to the internet and as well as that, see how social media, like Facebook and Twitter, were taken to by its nationals in situations including its military escalation in Ukraine and the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight 17.

This was chosen as a global scale wanted to shown without opting for the most obvious choice of Chinese censorship. Russia is very current too in the media, so this piece will hopefully complement what is being produced by professionals in the journalism industry. Furthermore, it will provide the backbone to an investigation that will be fleshed out with a retrospective view on the evolution of the internet.

To support the work produced, secondary research will be collected from various sources and come in the forms of videos, magazines and articles taken from the internet.

(Please click on the images to access the source)

These YouTube videos show firstly the message Pussy Riot try to get across through their music and secondly, in the Vice film showing the band members trying to shoot a music video during the Winter Olympic games at Sochi, the hardships and brutality they face. There are some powerful quotes from members speaking frankly about the Russian government which will be included in the article.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 08.41.41

International Business Times: Jeff Stone

This piece, by Jeff Stone, delves into President Putin’s continued crackdown on social media and control over the internet. Indicates his views on the internet too; referring to it as a ‘Central Intelligence Agency plot against Russia’ and how he made bloggers with 3,000 or more follows to have to register through the government.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 08.56.27Ask History- ‘Who invented the internet?’

This site holds all the information I will require to give some insight into the history of the internet and its advancement through the years. It will add another dimension to the investigation into the internet and censorship.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 08.42.54The Moscow Times: Tanya Lokshina

From a Russian journalistic organisation, Tanya Lokshia writes about civil rights in Russia from the aftermath of events such as Sochi, Crimea and some of the future policies that will take effect in the near future. A very useful resource that will prove valuable during the task set.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 08.45.54

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 08.46.08BBC- ‘Russia enacts ‘draconian’ law for bloggers and online media.’

Read on the BBC’s technology section on its website, shows the laws placed on Russian bloggers and social media. Again, just like the IB Times piece, will support the Enrichment article with evidence and there is a section from the points of Russia’s bloggers- so those quotes from people like Anton Nossik will be included.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 08.46.48Pussy Riot Website

For more information on the female punk band Pussy Riot, their website was scanned for details including their beliefs, causes and articles surrounding them.

wonderpedia_march_2014_no_priceWonderpedia Magazine

Full of content ranging from science, nature and world events, one of the features in March’s edition of Wonderpedia entitled ‘The Truth About Big Data‘ shows how data is considered to be ‘the most coveted material of the 21st Century.’ There are fascinating statistics within including five billion gigabytes of data are produced every two days- the same amount that was produced from the start of civilization up until a decade ago. One of the paragraphs describes how Google have invested in Nest Labs, a smoke detector and thermostat company with the intention to use sensors to monitor consumers movements in their homes. This will be used when talking about internet privacy.

FindLaw UK


FindLaw UK

Relating the internet laws back in the context of the UK so that readers can relate more to them and also compare the rights we have to those people in Russia.

Guardian NSA Files

The Guardian- NSA Files: Decoded (Ewen Macaskill and Gabriel Dance)

Used last year in The Future Of Journalism project, the unprecedented interactive site has dozens of videos, text and statistical data on the ramifications of Edward Snowden’s leak and the political, legal issues aswell as boiling it down to its most simplest form; what it all means for the individual.


Russia Direct


Russia Direct: Pavel Koshkin

The final source is taken from Russia Direct and will be used for seeing how the media and social media reacted to the downing of MH17. It will benefit the piece by giving additional viewpoints from the countries bloggers and media outlets..


After writing the article, I feel that its intended purpose to give a global perspective of censorship and the internet has been achieved through the depth and range of research collected. In turn, it has made producing this work more enjoyable whilst also helping me to learn more about the subject matter. The only improvement that I could have made was to have been able to collect some primary research, but this will be amended on the next Enrichment exercise that I will place great emphasis on gathering.



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