Broad Research on Syria

Guevara, a Syrian Palestinian woman married to an Al Wa'ad battalion commander, is pictured in Aleppo

Syrian Women On The Front Line.

Um Jaafar, a woman fighter in the Free Syrian Army, sits with her husband Abu Jaafar, a Sawt al-Haq  (Voice of Rights) battalion commander, and her daughter Faten at their home in Aleppo

A female fighter in the Free Syrian Army with her family.

Women, who are part of the Sawt al-Haq (Voice of Rights), stand with their weapons as they undergo military training in Aleppo

Band of female soldiers part of the ‘Voice Of Rights.’

Jamal, an 11-year-old Syrian refugee, left, points his toy gun as he plays with...

An 11-year-old Syrian refugee plays with a toy gun.

Internally displaced Syrian youths hold empty pots as they line up for food...

Syrian youths without a home queue for food.

The rebels have proved to be as cruel as the army of Syrian dictator Bashar...

The rebels have proved to be as cruel as the army of Syrian dictator Bashar…

Fighters in Aleppo. For a long time, US President Barack Obama defended his...

A lone fighter in the city of Aleppo.

Map of hotspots for conflict in Aleppo

BBC News- Rift between rebels

BBC News- Syria chemical weapons deal

ITV- Syria submit full chemical list

The Times- A Doctors outlook…

Fox News- US Vet joined terrorists in Syria

Pravda- What stops America from Bombing Syria?

Sky News- Syria hands over chemical weapons deal

Focused Areas of Research

Women Of Syria

‘Syria’s Female Rebels’

‘Women Of War’

Kurdish Female fighters

Fictional WWIII Prelude

Prelude to Iraq war for inspiration

Iraq timeline

List Of Syrian Officials for use in assignment

Life in Syria before March 2011

Pictures Of Syria Pre-2011

Syria tourist review

My presentation (Powerpoint)

Syria Presentation


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