Sourcing Images

My article will be titled ‘BAND OF SISTERS.’ Play-on words in reference to the TV show ‘Band Of Brothers.’ It’s short, snappy and eye-catching; subtle enough to intrigue the reader into reading more of the article.

The following are the two main images I will use in my work, one being the main picture, the other being a sub-picture inserted around the text.

The image above (Reuters/Muzaffar Salman) Is visually striking and iconic- one of those pictures which could easily define the whole period of this conflict and be associated throughout time as the photograph which sums up the women who fought against President Assad. It shows ‘Guevara’, a female sniper in Aleppo (Taken January 19th 2013).


This next image (Reuters/Muzaffar Salman) will be used to illustrate just how young some of these women are fighting. Her light face is in deep contemplation, as guns and more fighters loom in the background. Again, it is a powerful image and gives a face to these women rather than just names and words. The woman in the photograph is called Um Jaafar, a fighter in the Free Syrian Army- this was shot whilst she was undergoing training in Aleppo (Taken February 17th 2013).


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