Production Meeting

Today we were introduced to Production meetings and taking ‘Minutes’ to log what was said. This is useful not only for everyone present as it chronicles key information raised, but it helps those not able to attend for whatever reason.

The date and who is present headlines the minutes, most commonly indicating names by initials mainly to save time whilst recording the notes.

Below is an example of the minutes made earlier today;

24th September 2013- Everyone present. LI (Lucy Irvine) leading discussion. 

  • LI circulates new assignment brief
  • The assignment is on WordPress aswell.
  • Assignments purpose would be for use on the college’s website.
  • Free to use any type of media to conduct interview; written, recorded (camera) or podcast.
  • Not necessarily about the final work, but its more about pre-production techniques…PLANNING!!!
  • Interview ‘For students, by students.”
  • Next week we’ll be covering Production schedules.
  • Have freedom on the creative angle. Make it interesting.
  • Use of pictures, drawings, notes, scribbles can all be used as notes used in planning. All notes MUST be saved.
  • Tuesday 5th October is deadline.
  • At the end no questions were brought up by anyone.
  • Can look at magazines/websites for inspiration.
  • No word length/time constriction on final piece.

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