Open Journalism

Minutes Of Discussions With Lucy


> After set the open journalism task- we as a class researched on the internet areas in which we could base our ideas on.

> Many people looked at YouTube videos of fairy tales and other materials which generated conversation between the entire group.

> Those ideas ranged from a Jack The Ripper parody to uncovering the real mysterious of Scooby Doo and Jack & Jill.

> Personally, I looked at things which were familiar to me; Greek Fables, Christmas, and finally The Divine Comedy that are all possible ideas.

Examples of videos/websites I looked at are underneath:

Origins Of Santa (

Aesop’s Fables


> Pitched my idea to Lucy Irvine (LI)

> LI liked the idea and said that I shouldn’t be put off by the scale of project; which is a written, visual and a social  media perspective.

> LI offered to help in using Photoshop to edit Twitter feeds to be able to insert my own text inside them.

Research Collected On Possible Relevant Figures…

To add a modern twist onto the classic story of Dante’s Inferno, the setting of Hell will be replaced with a seedy, ‘underground’ nightclub with the circles of hell in my reinvention of the tale to be separate floors which are themed differently to reflect the sins or wicked tendencies of humankind.

Instead of using examples from the time of Dante, those who are recognisable to the people of today will replace them. This can be done by searching through modern news stories and picking celebrities or high-profile figures that match the stipulations of meeting the requirements of entering that circle/floor of hell.

(In the separate research pack are the examples I researched in more detail)

Concept Of Idea

  • Dante and Virgil= Police
  • Circles of Hell = Floors to a seedy nightclub
  • Can use Twitter ‘tweets’ and FB status’ to update the situation
  • Police statements made through TV/Radio
  • Use relevant celebrities to portray the examples given in Dante’s Inferno to make relevant.
  • Use Pinterest to link the ideas for concept including popular culture like Max Payne and the film Se7en.

Production Schedule

Below is the schedule I set myself over the course of the assignment which was set to us by Lucy:

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 10.18.24

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 10.18.59Equipment

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Dictaphone
  • Mac Computers
  • The Divine Comedy Book by Dante Alighieri
  • Phone


When looking at cost we have to factor in travel to and from college (which was the main location for where the majority of work was taken place) Petrol to and from the college is roughly around £15 a week. Then you have to factor in electricity and other necessities including internet connection which can range from £10 a month excluding line rental. There was also the help I received from Lucy in helping me with Photoshop mock the Twitter feeds. In the professional world, I would have hired a graphic designer to of helped for 2 hours. In reality the Twitter feed would already exist in the real world if this news story was real, but this, of course is fiction. Fees vary from individual to individual but it is roughly £20 per hour. Finally, the Mac computers and the software (although provided free at the college) would range in the thousands of pounds if you take into account the software like Photoshop, Microsoft Word and websites (even though they are free) like WordPress used to log my final article on.


Even though the majority of my project was done by myself, the project was carried out with the company of my fellow journalistic students and also Lucy, who as stated above, helped with numerous things including my understanding of Photoshop and developing my ideas with my project.


Some legal and ethical obligations which need to be considered when conducting a project like this would be to report the news fairly and accurately (especially in terms of the newspaper article.)

Even though fictional, quotes used would have had to have been transcribed in context and permission agreed for them to be used. This was done in my primary research in regard to the interviews I carried out with 3 fellow students to get their views on religion and social media in general.

The project is carried out in a safe environment with checks carried out on electrical equipment and authority figures around the building etc. Plus our lanyards are pivotal not only for access to the building but for security.

Finally, the use of images and words for the Twitter feed would have copyright in terms of the entities like the BBC, but also the separate individuals like Jess and Adam who consented to let me use their images and words.


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