HELL ON EARTH! (Open Journalism)

(Thursday March 28th 2013)


THE search for missing girl Beatrice Portinari came to a dramatic conclusion in the early hours of this morning in unprecedented circumstances when a lone police officer rescued her from what eye witnesses described as being ‘The Devil.’

In revelations slowly emerging from the scene, the events of what happened at around 2am in the morning at the  secluded ‘Hellion’ nightclub in the vast darkness of Grizedale Forest, Cumbria, appear to be cloaked  in the paranormal with suggestions that high-profile dead stars and figures who famously fell from grace were actually spotted amongst revellers.

Following a Nationwide appeal for the safe return of schoolgirl Beatrice, 16, from the small coastal town of Maryport, the detective in charge of the case, 43-year-old Detective Albert Dante dramatically disappeared after an alleged argument with detective partner Marcus Virgil, also from the Cumbrian Constabulary following local residence becoming more vocal about the apparent lack of resources utilized to bring ‘Bea’ back home safe to her parents and 2 younger brothers.

Dante, who famously was at the center of the investigation of Hansel & Gretel back in May last year found life in the public eye too much afterwards and turned to drink and gambling before leaving the Metropolitan Police in November 2012 for the North.

With reports still sketchy at this time, it is believed that DC Dante stumbled upon the Nightclub by coincidence after abandoning his BMW X5 some 8 miles away from where Police and Firearms Unit were called to assist and apprehend those at the Nightclub often referred to as ‘Inferno’ due to the nine floors it boasts.

Speaking after the raid on Hellian, a member of the police officers who spoke to Dante said, ”DC Dante told me the music drew him to this location…and thats when he found the young girls necklace nestled in a bed of leaves just yards away from where he stood. Moments after that he called for backup.”

Known as a mysterious establishment, Hellion, which first opened its doors on the 6th June 1996, became something of a myth to those seeking the most wicked of nights out. The 9 floors which became Hellion’s trademark was infamous for each being related to a different sin or state of mind that were themed accordingly. Those floors from the ground upwards were as follows; Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and the last floor contained the offices of the owner: Treachery.

Storming the building, moving like a shadow through the neon and smoke, innocent bystanders fled as the detective ordered them to evacuate and remain at a safe distance. Those people quickly took to social websites like Twitter reporting first hand the events which were happening in real-time. A Miss J Scholes-Rothery wrote, “As if the police have just raided the place!” And using the Hashtag ‘Hellbound’ to sum up what she witnessed.

Travelling through the floors with his sidearm poised, DC Dante told his superiors that what he saw in Hellion would change him for the rest of his life- seeing the souls of  the damned with the lost hopes of today attracted by the underworld which flock to The Inferno.

As well as seeing Tiger Woods and Ronnie Wood on the Lust floor and the former head of Barclay’s Bob Diamond whose Greed led to major criticism for his level of pay and lack of modesty. Barclays were fined in 2012 £59.5 million by the FSA for widespread breaches of City rules. Though no explanation has been given, it is also clear that Dante positively saw the dead joining in with the festivities and party atmosphere.

Those described included ‘The King Of Rock And Roll’ Elvis Presley gorging on cheese burgers and prescription pills on the 4th floor ‘Greed, which ultimately led to his premature death on August 6th 1977 and the assassin lee Harvey Oswald in the VIP section on the 6th floor ‘Violence’, who killed not only a President, but also the hearts and minds of a generation on that fateful morning of 22nd November 1963.

Religious groups have reported that this is the beginning of the end and that Rapture is imminent. Priest Edwin Van Alba from the Cathedral Of Carlisle said; ”This generation does not hold the values and morals as seriously as the days of yesterday. This discovery of the evil and the wicked being among us all in this house of sin is a clear sign for people to repent for their sins and find Christ.”

In a thrilling showdown between Dante and Hellion owner Azazel Lucifer (52) originally from Barnsley, tried to draw a knife on the lone detective but DC Dante managed to subdue Mr Lucifer, and after admitting responsibility for Beatrice’s kidnap through minimal interrogation, escorted her safely back to her emotionally awaiting family.

More details on Page 5,6,7 and 8


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