The more ambitious your project, the more time you need to allow to plan. Below are some of the things in which you need to consider in planning Pre-Production for various mediums of media content:

  • Scripts
  • Mind mapping/Questions
  • Background Information
  • Content For Discussion
  • Equipment
  • Location
  • Time
  • Budget


  • Weather
  • Permission
  • Schedule
  • Logistics

For TV shows, like ‘I can Cook’ other aspects you’d need to think about are; music, graphics, permission of parents for children and also the use of land to film on. Before hand, meetings and mind mapping would be used to develop show. Other things would be studio time in regards to moving shots and pre-recorded songs.

The news is different as it is filmed on the day, work carries on towards the 30 min slot etc. up until the opening graphics roll. There is collaboration between many reporters out in the field and on location. A big production team in the gallery oversee everything so the show runs smoothly. A few things are planned in advance; the graphics for the opening and also fillers used to flesh out news pieces. Final considerations would be sticking to time slots and intervals.


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