Being the first location I went to take independent photographs, the quint village church of Waverton made for some good images based on architecture and the use of light and shadow. Two shots that worked well was the celtic cross tombstone that had the moon placed just to the side of it in the distance that created a rather enchanted composition and also the abstract image of myself sat beside one of the burial sites in contemplation which signified poignancy and life among a place of loss that I felt would be unusual to see- this was derived from one of the research images sourced from Pinterest of an angel consoling someone mourning at a grave.

20140310_163809 20140310_163837 20140310_163853 20140310_163931 20140310_164035 20140310_164152 20140310_164346 20140310_164625 20140310_164721 20140310_164739 20140310_164825 20140310_164843 20140310_164938 20140310_165209


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