Edited Images

Some of the images taken as part of my initial ideas phase were edited to get a better understanding of Photoshop, but also to maximise the images taken. Two in particular were strong contenders to be used as part of my final images; the first being the test tube macro shot and the second being the man sitting alone on the pews inside Liverpool Cathedral. I thought this image had a lot of emotion and showed both sadness and, even though he is all alone, his faith displayed that it was still resolute and strong. However, wanting to match the mood by choosing to desaturate the image, it remained somewhat flat and the decision was made to remove it from my final designs.

The other edited image of the cross found near the entrance to the graves at Liverpool Cathedral worked excellently in black and white; the contrast of the differing materials and the shades they capture across the image, but I felt this photograph was too easily taken and not deserving of a place in the final images.

Archway Cross Lonely soul Stain Test Tubes edited


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