Chester was the main location in which I took photographs, and took advantage of the rich history and heritage of the city. I am especially pleased with the images taken around the Cathedral which, by including the trees around the grounds of the building, increases the gothic notion of the picture.

Varying my techniques somewhat, there are examples of close to distant shots and a clear focus on viewpoint to obtain the best images possible. Some of the high angled close-up shots of the Cathedrals architecture didn’t have the desired effect, this is possibly due to not having an obvious focal point to focus the eye towards.

There was also a lot of diversity found in Chester for the theme of faith from the artist Scroobius Pip, ‘preaching’ to the crowds who turned up and worship and idolise him, to outside the Swansway stadium were a tribute with flowers and football shirts was made.

20140313_122554 20140313_122659 20140313_122827 20140313_122836 20140313_122853 20140313_122935 20140313_122951 20140313_123150 20140313_123228 20140313_123409 20140313_123425 20140313_123433 20140313_123458 20140313_123527 20140313_123537 20140313_123609 20140313_123623 20140313_123707 20140313_123711 20140313_123803 20140313_123809 20140313_123833 20140313_123923 20140426_210418 20140426_210729 20140426_213627 20140426_213820 20140426_214026 20140426_215825 20140426_223654 20140526_113205 unnamed-3


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