Photography Timeline

A picture speaks a thousand words and this is true when gazing upon some of the few images worthy of defining a generation. To see the evolution of photography and also techniques and subject matter which has captured the minds of millions for decades.

Photography Presentation


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One of our first exercises was to, in groups, explore the college area and photography each of the 26 letters of the alaphabet in everything from inanimate objects, to signs or even abstract methods to achieve a particular letter. The purpose of this was to focus on composition, viewpoints chosen and to open up our creativity in seeing oportunities to capture images under a specific pretext. As you can see from the link to the board of photographs taken on my Pinterest page, letters from cigarette packets, T-Shirt designs and even the human body were captured in a way to complete the exercise.


’10 Images- 5 Categories

Our next task was to take 2 pictures from a range of 5 categories with a freedom of where to take the shots from. The categories were;

  • Macro
  • Landscape
  • Light
  • Abstract
  • And Leading Lines

Underneath are the raw images taken (using a camera from a smartphone)


Macro 1 Macro 2











Landscape 2 Landscape 1











Light 1 Light 2











Abstract 1 Abstract 2










Leading Lines

Leading Lines 1 Leading Lines 2

Some of these images were edited in Photoshop which was the first time to experiment with the software and see what it is capable of doing. The following two images show how both desaturating an image and altering the tone of the picture can effect it.

Macro rose Port Arcades (Noir)




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