Vice Media: Client Research


Originated in Montreal, Canada, VICE media was launched in 1994 as a newspaper monthly. But today VICE is ‘the world’s premier original online video destination who operate from a network of 37 global offices and employ 700 people with 3,500 contributors.

The many platforms which they broadcast on range from:

  • Digital Channels
  • Television Production Suite
  • Magazine
  • Record Label
  • Feature Films
  • Events
  • Book Publishing
  • And in-house creative services agency.

Those most successful platforms would be deemed as the VICE magazine, the worlds first free internationally distributed youth culture magazine whose circulation numbers reach 1.2 million and have a ‘passalong’ rate of nearly 6 times which increases total audience numbers.

VICE.COM (In 2013) had 15 million ‘readers’ that go to the website to either watch or read every article or video VICE was responsible for. What is interesting is the growth of its video-led channels by acquiring the services of partner sites and digital channels which include; Noisey, Motherboard, Fightland and The Creators Project.

VICE’s core demographic are 18-34 year-olds and are described as being ‘urban trendsetters’ on their media pack. Their readership is predominantly male, with its male readership accounting for 63%. Some of the profile characteristics of its readership include 62% spending 3 hours online a day, 52% own a video game console and their mean individual income totals £24,414.

5 Pieces of VICE content which appeals personally to me: 

~ This interested me due to my fascination with Breaking Bad and is intriguing to see the other side of that world in a real-life setting.

~ The extremities of the content matter is shocking yet compelling.

~ Purely based on personal taste, it shows the range of content that VICE is made up of as a whole and how diverse its brand is.

VICE: An English Way

Content and depth of research is impressive. Rather thorough look into something well-known, but overlooked by more orthodox journalism outlets

VICE: The Subterranean Scene

Article that is hard-hitting and brings to light not something many people would be aware of.

5 Words to describe VICE

  • Gonzo
  • Trendy
  • Global
  • Controversial
  • Urban

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