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Sebastian Vettel made history last weekend in India by becoming the youngest consecutive four-time World Champion in Formula One history. His name will be synonymous with the elite names from the past able to achieve such a remarkable accomplishment in their racing careers; Juan Manuel Fangio, Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher.

Is Sebastian Vettel the best driver ever to be seen? Are we watching the pinnacle of the sports prestigious chapter being written right before our eyes? As is the downside with history, we will have to wait and see…But even if we don’t appreciate what the young man from Heppenheim has done right now, its only a matter of time before Vettel will be revered by generations in the future, longing to have been able to watch him race in a RB9 and feel the dominance of his trademark ‘finger’ victory pose.

At the age of 26, Eddie Jordan from the BBC, acknowledged the fact that with youth on his side and many years ahead of him, Michael Schumacher’s 7 World Championships could easily be overtaken if Vettel continues this unstoppable form. Who knows how many Championships Sebastian could end up claiming before walking away from the sport…7? 8? 10?

Having his character questioned since the now infamous ‘Multi 21’ situation in Malaysia, Sebastian Vettel has had to face outward negativity including booing from some fans across the world who may well of became tired and frustrated of him making Saturdays and Sundays a one-man show more often than not. Yet, whether you agree or disagree with his defiance of team orders, (and personally, I’d argue the man himself would be the first to admit he was wrong.) you have to applaud his perseverance under adversity- to stand tall and keep composed and collected.

That is a quality of a champion.

2014’s new rules and regulations may prise away Vettel’s grip off of another year that sees Red Bull rise above their competitors; will Fernando Alonso finally get that 3rd title he craves and deserves so badly? Or will a team emerge from out of the shadow of Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari and ignite a brand new revolution? Proposing an answer would be premature and unfounded before the opening race of next season in Australia that gets under way on March 16th, but one thing is for sure; to have the talented, and deep-down, humble Sebastian Vettel be the ambassador for Formula One is undeniably important, not least because his name will define this golden age of Motorsport.



That ‘tag’ which signed off Daniel Ricciardo’s first comment since being announced to the world as a Red Bull driver yesterday for next years F1 season seems somewhat fitting to be the heading of the first post for this website. Looking ahead, this site will grow and flourish; with everything ranging from small ideas to developed pieces of work that cover many mediums in the creativity industry and Journalism. Over the next two years you’ll hopefully see my skills broaden and develop, (another parallel in which myself and the young Australian would want to share for the months ahead) gaining more and more experience with every new technique learned and mastered.

Personally, I’m excited to produce work that’s engaging and as high a standard as I can possibly attain. What is an even bigger bonus is to know that what I do produce, you will be able to see it all. It goes without saying that any comments or suggestions you want to share regarding anything seen or read would be greatly appreciated, and you are more than welcome to do so.

So dear reader, I hope you enjoy exploring this page!

Well, this is the #Nextstep…