Born 1990 in the North West of England, the man who would be known as ‘Hulse’ would grow up inspired by those on the silver screen and the humble screen, the jukebox and the printing press; Clint Eastwood, Bryan Cranston, Morrissey, Hideo Kojima, Stephen King, Chael Sonnen, Ayrton Senna, Martin Sheen, Josh Homme, Wes Anderson, Jenson Button, Goichi Suda, James Gandolfini…The list of names grew more and more with every morsel of culture he absorbed and embraced.

He aspires to be a name like one of those credited above; not to be famous, or wealthy…although a decent salary would be desirable, but to achieve a sense of pride from what he does- making the most of the abilities which he possesses and turning them into a career.

…When I saw him last he was studying to become a journalist…


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